Tarai Madhesh National Council (TMNC) is a missionary Youth volunteer's Socio-Cultural Organization which is a dynamic movement rather than a static organization. It is an organization governed by collective leadership and directed by a clear principle and policy. TMNC is a group of energetic, intellectual and volunteer like minded youths by mentality not by age who are dedicated to serve their motherland Madhesh in different ways.

Tarai Madhesh National Council (TMNC) was established in 2015 by a group of energetic and intellectual volunteers like minded youths as a loose network which is neither a political party nor NGO. TMNC is a group of Madheshi intellectuals and activists from different professions and occupations. TMNC seeks to contribute to a social, cultural, economic and political development by creating a critical mass of effective interest group, pressure group, civil society and political force overall enlightened intelligentsia in Madhesh. The creation and strengthening of critical mass has been envisioned through research, informed advocacy, social movements, discourse and dialogues, political resistance and publication at various levels.

TMNC promotes proportional inclusive democracy and by enhancing social harmony, inclusiveness, good governance, justice and interrelationship between state and nations. It has been successfully managing to organize research, dialogues, advocacy, campaign, political resistance on various issues and agenda of Madhesh. TMNC is standing on four pillars as wing i.e. Social wing, National wing, Prosperity wing and Political wing which are the main planning bodies for planning, monitoring and evaluation of different short term and long term projects of respective areas along with various active and front liner departments.

Nepal is a multinational state among them Madhesh is a major nation and Madheshi is a nationality having the longest history. Madhyadesh is a civilization in itself also known as Ganga-Jamuni Civilization. In 1916 and in 1860 the Madhyadesh was divided into two parts among them major part is in India now and minor part in Nepal known as Tarai Madhesh which is the internal colony of Nepal till date. The oldest fossil of the 11 million years age of modern human 'RamaPithecus' has been found from Madhesh. So many material and fossils of prehistoric time have been found from excavation in different places like Simrounghadh, Kapilvastu, Ramgram, Khaptad, Dang etc. of Madhesh. So Madhesh is a civilization and Madheshi is a nationality having different sub-national, lingual, cultural, historical, religious, ethnic identities majorly Koch, Mithila, Bhojpuri, Awadh and Tharuwan and Muslim as Religious Minority as well as Dalit as Social Minority. TMNC aims for a new social contract between every nationalities of state Nepal for individual liberty and group/national recognition as well as representation.

The main course of wings are:

1.)  Social wing is to develop socially harmonized Madhesh by different social campaigns and social service for needy one.

2.)  National wing is to develop Madheshi national consciousness among Madheshi people by different campaigns and activities.

3.)  Prosperous wing is to develop prosperous Madhesh as make in Madhesh campaign by managing the economic, human and mental resources of Madheshi people.

4.)  Political Wing is to develop political resistance against national oppression and carry out national liberation movements.


TMNC envisions equal civil rights, Madheshi National identity having an alternate authority and dignity of Madheshi people in state.


Selfless service to motherland for Contribution to a socially, culturally, economically and politically conscious, developed and socially harmonized Madhesh by creating a critical mass of effective interest group, pressure group,  civil society and political force overall enlightened intelligentsia  in Madhesh.


  • To Create a prosperous Madhesh with equality, justice and self-respect by fighting against every kind of internal and external exploitation and oppression.
  • Madhesh is a civilization in itself so as to build and strengthen Madheshi nationality on the base of civilization by recognizing, assimilating and managing various internal diversities.
  • To build and strengthen Madheshi nationality in a holistic approach, preserving various linguistic, cultural, religious, ethnic, communal, historical, class and gender identities and sub-nationalities.
  • To create political conscious interest groups, pressure groups, civil society and political power in Madhesh giving equal importance to the work of social welfare, economic growth and political resistance.
  • Radical transformation of social and political culture as well as create an alternative organization with alternative philosophy and for an alternative politics.
  • Radical transformation of the power relations between state and Madhesh along with practicing purity, inclusiveness, honesty, policy and principality in internal politics of Madhesh.
  • Prohibition of individualism in politics and development of a group leadership system which creates more qualified, characterful, honest and dedicated leaders and leadership in Madhesh than ever.
  • Expansion of relations between all the oppressed nationalities of Nepal including Madhesh  and establishment of democracy, multinational states, and individual freedom by new social contract between all nationalities.
  • Building an enlightened intelligencia for liberation from national oppression and internal colonization.